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This is so good! Definitely will give the full game a try when I get the chance.

im pretty sure someone stole your game and put it in the app store go check out sword sonata

Thanks for letting me know :)

This game is open source?

Will the full version ever be moved to

why would it? just make a steam accont and buy it. i even think the creator forgot this existed

Hi! Probably yes, but I'm not yet sure (since I'd also like to keep the free alpha version on itch)

something weird is happening with the spin attack enemies and the back stab ability.


what is happening? i think i can help (btw what is the back stab?)

I miss the way this game made me feel. I wish I could go back and replay it all again for the first time


if you want to feel this again, just don't play it for a really long time ( a least half a year), if you think about playing it, that means it didn't worked, you need to wait until forgettint the existance of the game, and then, one day you will maybe find it randomly and have this feeling again, and wo knows, maybe you will read the comment and find your "old" comment again


i have totaly no idea if it will actually work, it is just a theory


good theory i'll try it

Hello, i really love your game! But when enemies use that tile, the game goes broke up TT

the full game version has a different OST, anyone know where I can find the soundtracks for this demo version? Hour of the Dragon OST goes hard and I'd love to listen to it on repeat

Finally got total obliteration! 1-cooldown Freezing shuriken + 5 dmg swirl blades +3 dmg dash is pretty dang lucky, though XD

how do you get the full version of the game

this game is really good the art style is good the strategies and combos are good the characters are good everything in this game is good. I can't wait for some more updates.


this won't be updated, but a full ver exists on steam (never tried it tho)

thanks for the reply, I will try the steam version.

did you bought it?

yes, I did, and it's cool and polished. thanks for telling me this

good you are enjoying it then.

This game is fo fun! Please let us save the game status to file from the web browser.


Is there a way to bind keys to adding attacks to the stack, rather than using a mouse?

Is there a way to save your progress if I don't want to finish a run in one sitting?


I was completely surprised, it's incredible that this is an alpha!!


I beat the game with 6 damage bear trap 0 damage free play smoke bomb  2 damagepoison ninja star 2 damage arrow and ice swirl swords 4 damage it was op


is there a dev mod or somthing like that to get inf coins?


i think the no-cooldown freeplay smokebomb is a lil bit too op


another good thing: no-cooldown double strike 5 damage sword

and another good thing: no-cooldown 10 damage sword (i had assasin so i could do 20 damage in 1 strike)

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Such a good game... is making success here in Brazil. Wanna make a translation?


Wow, actually amazing


This game is very good


broke the game unfortunately it wont respond


I did that as well.


Check out the bling!


this general isnt recovering from that lol


Too bad I lost it all immediately after ;-;

I had gotten something even better, and reloaded it instead of screenshotting it ;-;


ong the wanderer is BUSTED if you have the right stuff and use him properly

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I love this game so much!
I just have a few feature requests:

The ability to pick cards and navigate the menus without using the mouse.

The ability to swap (ability of assassin and wanderer) with someone behind you. I've lost so many rounds because I need to turn around first.

When you start a new game, the character it has automatically selected is the same one you just used, it gets annoying when you play anything after Assassin.

If you hover over a card in game, it will give you a short summary of what it does. When you first get a card, sometimes it's easy to forget!

Maybe a (for lack of a better reference) pokédex style thing, so in the menu we can see details of enemies and bosses we've fought before, like health, their deck (possible cards and combinations), how many we've killed, when they tend to spawn, etc.

Also, maybe a save feature, so if we close the tab, later we can come back without losing progress.

And a few more abilities that can attack behind you would be great!

Either way, this game is genuinely amazing, and I can honestly say more than a few people are thinking i'm ghosting them because of the time i've spent on this game.

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There's another bug! When you enter in the blacksmith area, if you drag an attack card to the the anvils area and quickly leave the blacksmith area, the game continues and you lose your card. Still loving the game tho

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Found a BUG! When you enter in the blacksmith area, if you drag an attack card to the the anvils before walk there the game crashes. Loved the game btw!

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Pretty fun, but so hard......

I want to play the same ver on STEAM!!!


Awesome game. Love the rhymic feel to it once I got a handle on things.

I suck at this game but I love the art style. Turn-based game are my weakness. Thanks for the Demo!

please make xbox ver

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WOW. A free game on Itch has no business being this good. Seriously. This would be great as a full release, it's excellent!!
Edit: Just realised it has a full version on steam!

This game is really great!

You did a great job on this game


Also shouldn't the lightning ability have an electric effect?

If you add one lol

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Too perfect of a game, I fell like I do not deserve to play it, because of how good it is.

 First suggestion; please add mobile controls: swipe the direction you want to move(swipe up to do nothing)(or create a d-pad), click the character(you) to turn around, and tap the screen(maybe twice for precision)to attack, or you could make buttons for everything.

Second suggest; Make stuff have procedural generation like an endless mode so the game still is satisfactory after beaten.

Many thanks for reading this.


Amazing game, can't wait until the full version is released


The internet's worst games journlists' enjoyed this game the most. 


I love the mechanics, the simple gameplay and the tuff difficulty. Good job.

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