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Can you make it so there is an alt key for looking to the outer side?

This game is so fun and addicting.


banger game, i hope it gets released on mobile eventually.

So fun and addictive.


does anyone know how to phase with the shadow?


as long as there is a tile behind the enemy(or enemies) you can dash through as many packed together as you want by double tapping the direction you want to phase (Your character needs to face that direction)


Welp, there goes my evening


Could you add another character with 10 health other than The Wanderer?


Addiction activated

This game is very addicting to play


This is so goooood! I found my self playing for hours and just wanting to keep going. Im definitely wishlisting

pretty good but any character other than the wanderer is kindof weak. but very good nonetheless

we show down the shogun

I like your game because has good battles. Nice works in effects, combos and options and good ambience. Good curve of difficulty and content.

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Wow a really cool game! Looking forward to it! Would be cool if it can be released on mobile!

i always die on hour of the dragon 2 or 3, does anyone have any tips???

Probably not what you're looking for, but try comboing the trap with the grapple, as it one shots all enemies. (except bosses)

this is actually a strategy i use every time i get them both :3 thank you

please make a version for android please this game is perfect

For some reason when the final boss hit me with a freeze I wasn't able to do anything including wait to the game isn't progressing


This would make a great iOS/iPad game. Hope this might be considered in the future.


love playing this game at school! keep it up


This game has potential to become a good one. I like fight system and deck development. Hope can add more content soon.


nice and well polished game! but all the characters are too weak except The Wanderer


Seems like a slight skill issue tbh, I've beaten the game with each character at least twice.


ocadac is true and each character has harder difficulty than the last one

Ronin real good ngl just dont get hit and/or get hp & shield upgrades


Cute, addicting little game. Enjoyed my time with it!

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Pls make a "Are you sure you want to clear all saved data?" message!!!

Nice game tho


Thanks for sharing this game , its very nice, simple, eyes catching pixel art, smooth and game play plus simple rules of , I mean not complex game.
very nice thank you

idk if its just me but the screen isn't filled all the way to the top, it's only an issue in the start menu but the background and other stuff like the title is only filled 3 quarters, the top quarter is just filled with black

still a great game tho


Thanks for this game! It's one of my favorit game for the last year. :)

Nice content and good work with cards and graphics. I would like if it is possible to unlock all bosses or if there is a special trick or password to get them in your deck. Thank you.

How do you unlock all the characters? Also for the 3rd boss, Just place traps with double hit wait till he swaps and you good.

You need to go onto the places marked with question marks on the map and then go over to whichever character you need to unlock next!


This is a great project! I'll be waiting for the steam release.

hey pls make another armoury mines full


Kinda hard, took me like 10 attempts to defeat the final boss, but OOOOOOHHH it feels amasing after finally beating him. Btw i have a multiplayer suggestion:


It's the thing that we can play right now but with 2 players. First goes the P1, then P2 and then the enemies. If something does not trigger a turn a player can do it anytime even if it's not his turn. If one of the players presses the attack button but he can hit the other player with the attack, the game denies his desicion, and when the attack can hit both the player and the enemies the game gives him a comfirmation screen. Both players share the same card stock. While on split path in the map they both can choose their own place to go, but on the next fight they should be together. Also they can communicate with a chat.


In versus lobby you have your own character that you can upgrade and give some weapons to and there's also a "find match" button that sends you to the opponent, and the fight goes like a boss battle. The controls are mostly the same, except when you press the attack button your character actually prepares for the attack and releases it at the next turn


I had a blast playing this. Super clever and fun idea.  I love the bonus/malus system for the weapon. Also the more you play the more interesting it gets. Kinda makes me think of "Into the breach" in a way. I could play way more but I need... I need... to work now, weeell let's play one more game. :) Thanks. 


+ i too love "Into the breach" and this one alike. Both are

  • cross-platform
  • turn-based
  • input-agnostic: touch-screen / touchpad / mouse / keyboard / gamepad plays equally nice
  • rogue-like + solo toy-chess-feel –> weirdly satisfying replay-ability
  • cute-not-too-cute pixel art tuned for instant readability

I have played this game for probably 20+ Hours

Got all the achievements both on normal and hard mode with all the characters (only with normal mode for Swift Killer). The game is so enjoyable and diverse, there are literally so many different combinations to what you could do. Thank you Roboatino for making this game, and I look forward to what the game will be like in the future!


This game has such cool combat mechanics!


Only been playing this game for a little bit and already in love with it.

One request, though: a setting to disable scroll-based movement. I'm on a laptop right now and it's very easy to accidentally scroll on the trackpad, which has already gotten me killed once.


This game is fantastic. 100% buying the full thing on release.

It would be really cool if you could add an option to disable SFX, I sometimes like to listen to podcasts sometimes while playing this and they can be distracting.


Omg, this game is so good, gorgeous art, perfect gameplay. I can't believe this is a free game.


i love this game


craving for updates/full version realse <3

i hate the grappling hook enemies so much i cant win a single hard mode run

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