Shogun Showdown is a turn-based combat game with rogue-like and deck-building elements.

The game is still in an early stage of development, but you can play the alpha!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(420 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsDeck Building, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Turn-based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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idk if its just me but the screen isn't filled all the way to the top, it's only an issue in the start menu but the background and other stuff like the title is only filled 3 quarters, the top quarter is just filled with black

still a great game tho


Thanks for this game! It's one of my favorit game for the last year. :)

Nice content and good work with cards and graphics. I would like if it is possible to unlock all bosses or if there is a special trick or password to get them in your deck. Thank you.

How do you unlock all the characters? Also for the 3rd boss, Just place traps with double hit wait till he swaps and you good.

You need to go onto the places marked with question marks on the map and then go over to whichever character you need to unlock next!

This is a great project! I'll be waiting for the steam release.

hey pls make another armoury mines full


Kinda hard, took me like 10 attempts to defeat the final boss, but OOOOOOHHH it feels amasing after finally beating him. Btw i have a multiplayer suggestion:


It's the thing that we can play right now but with 2 players. First goes the P1, then P2 and then the enemies. If something does not trigger a turn a player can do it anytime even if it's not his turn. If one of the players presses the attack button but he can hit the other player with the attack, the game denies his desicion, and when the attack can hit both the player and the enemies the game gives him a comfirmation screen. Both players share the same card stock. While on split path in the map they both can choose their own place to go, but on the next fight they should be together. Also they can communicate with a chat.


In versus lobby you have your own character that you can upgrade and give some weapons to and there's also a "find match" button that sends you to the opponent, and the fight goes like a boss battle. The controls are mostly the same, except when you press the attack button your character actually prepares for the attack and releases it at the next turn


I had a blast playing this. Super clever and fun idea.  I love the bonus/malus system for the weapon. Also the more you play the more interesting it gets. Kinda makes me think of "Into the breach" in a way. I could play way more but I need... I need... to work now, weeell let's play one more game. :) Thanks. 


+ i too love "Into the breach" and this one alike. Both are

  • cross-platform
  • turn-based
  • input-agnostic: touch-screen / touchpad / mouse / keyboard / gamepad plays equally nice
  • rogue-like + solo toy-chess-feel –> weirdly satisfying replay-ability
  • cute-not-too-cute pixel art tuned for instant readability

I have played this game for probably 20+ Hours

Got all the achievements both on normal and hard mode with all the characters (only with normal mode for Swift Killer). The game is so enjoyable and diverse, there are literally so many different combinations to what you could do. Thank you Roboatino for making this game, and I look forward to what the game will be like in the future!


This game has such cool combat mechanics!


Only been playing this game for a little bit and already in love with it.

One request, though: a setting to disable scroll-based movement. I'm on a laptop right now and it's very easy to accidentally scroll on the trackpad, which has already gotten me killed once.


This game is fantastic. 100% buying the full thing on release.

It would be really cool if you could add an option to disable SFX, I sometimes like to listen to podcasts sometimes while playing this and they can be distracting.


Omg, this game is so good, gorgeous art, perfect gameplay. I can't believe this is a free game.


i love this game


craving for updates/full version realse <3

i hate the grappling hook enemies so much i cant win a single hard mode run

inconsistencies when using the scrolling wheel to move: spawning in and facing right, scrolling down moves one "forward" (to the right) and scrolling down moves one backward (right). Clicking the mouse wheel may swap this around, so that scrolling down may instead move you forward (relative to direction being faced) rather than backward, and vice versa. 
Requesting an option to toggle game sounds.

good game

I think there might be a glitch. I upgraded one of my weapons to have double strike, and it had a long wait time, but it acted as if it had zero wait time. it got fixed when I went to the next area on the map, but it would be nice if the developer fixed it. Or not, because it is a very beneficial bug. :)


There's a hidden mechanic (?) which resets all skills if you get a double kill, much easier to achieve with moves that can hit multiple targets such as Slash, Spear, and Shadow Step (can pass through more than one enemy if they are lined up). 

One thing that always gets me about this game is to choose the shadow or the traveler. the shadow has the better weapon, but less health. Love this game. it really makes you think. would be cool if after defeating bosses could play as them.


honestly i love controlling space with Ronin. you just need a way to hit ranged foes with 5 hp for a big chunk of damage so i usually take at least +1 on the spear, traps and hooks are helpful as well. I have yet to get good with assassin, but the super short-cooldown slash is very helpful and an easy upgrade target, all you need is range and/or a multihit like the spear or arrow, and you're largely fine.

i love assassin because the curse scroll lets you do good damage, ronin and wanderer are good too, and shadow is kinda.


Game was amazing have played it for about 8 hours all together. If it was not free, I would have bought it for ten 10$.  Looking forward for the full game launch.




i absolutely love this. this might be my favourite game on this entire website

Best time 18min


really fun game, bosses are a little basic though, you might wanna add special boss attacks.


or have extra effects on some attacks to punish sloppy plays. food for thought ig


I get mad when i beat the coryxkenshin, I- I mean the shogun




Easy and addictive... i finish the game only once and then stop, but looking for full game...

keep playing, keep testing. it's cool to see what makes everyone tick, and there's lots of bonus goals, for each character as well.

(1 edit) (+4)

Great work! Very fun and addictive. It has that “just one more run” feel. I wish-listed it on Steam.

A minor bug that I found: in fullscreen on my 16:10 screen (1920x1200) the edges are cut off.

It would also be nice to have all actions like “turn-around” and “attack” accessible via buttons. The game runs great on my phone, but it is sadly still unplayable without those


Turn around can be executed with the key "w" and the attack can be executed with space bar


Now I see my poor choice of words. What I meant was clickable on screen buttons, not buttons on a keyboard. I usually don’t plug-in a keyboard into my phone :D


me too, fun type of game which mostly seems it should mainly be for mobile, but no (:

Also tried the browser version on my mobile today, but lack of keyboard made me quit instantly. I cannot even attack...

Really fun!  Very tight and intuitive gameplay, looking forward to seeing what else there is in store


i love it ! :D


Adding the ice effect to the turn weapon makes the enemy freeze and thus not turn. Shouldn't that be first turn and then freeze?

I think it's more of a player first then ai. I came across friendly fire in enemies protecting me from getting damage. It could be said that if the enemy then turn, and then freeze wouldn't have suited the developers difficulty of the game.

I guess my point is that the point of the turn weapon is often to use the planned enemy move to hit another enemy. If the enemy just freezes and never turns the turn weapon with freeze effect is essentially turned into a 'freeze' weapon. I.e. the turn effect is entirely gone.

extremely fun

Hii, I've made a video cheking the alpha of the game and wanted to share it along with some feedback, hopefully it helps in the development ^^

-The main concept of the game it's quite good and the execution of it quite awesome considering it's an alpha.

-Really good visual stlye and pretty enjoyable design overall.

-Really polished gameplay loop and gameplay mechanics, every run makes you want more and more and the way you can expand the ingame mechanics is quite well thought. BUT I'll say that I felt the difficulty curve quite strange towards the finish since I went from beating rounds without taking damage to being decimated quite fast in a few of them.

-Are you sure this is an "alpha"?..., I mean, DUDE if this is what you call an alpha I'm quite excited to see what a full release means cause this game at it's state is REALLY GOOD AND WELL ROUNDED :O

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


This game is amazing as a slay the spire fan this game is right up my alley i love playing it in school because holy crap it's so darn good and econmics is so damn boring


I just love it.


Really great game! Keep going


Great Game!


mechanics of the fight looks amazing. like it

Hey Roboatino, I like your game idea, do you have plans to release this game on mobile platforms?

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