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Game froze after enemy dashed trough ice trap and couldn't make his second move. Would be nice if there were some way to check attacks, sure most is easy to guess, but assassin spell or first enemy smoke bomb, double strike, etc can be annoying. GL game is great even at such early stage.

Thanks for the bug report!


Very fun, though some things are a bit confusing on how they work, like its easy to forget the mechanics of something after you picked it up and for the things that you start with it took a bit to figure out what the assasin special thing does, and when Im in full screen it cuts off the edges so i cant see the pause button and i cant see how much money I have


This game is really amazing, and I hope it will see many updates with more characters, cards, enemy types, items, et cetera. It's honestly maybe the most fun turn-based tactical roguelite I've played since Through the Breach.

I do, however, have some feedback:

1. Status effects and keywords need to be more clear. Not knowing what Free Play or Ice does is a big deal when you're considering which upgrades to pick.

2. You should be able to check more in-depth explanations for your own attacks and the enemy intent in-game. Even though you'll quickly learn by trial and error, players may feel cheated when they don't realize certain enemies have Swirl attacks or Free Play effects or Double Strike. Just being able to check in-game is convenient, otherwise people will feel like they've been tricked, or they'll just manually make notes.

3. I feel like there should be a "skip upgrade" button, or maybe some sort of basic minor reward to pick if you don't want the upgrade and don't want to/can't afford to reroll. Many times, I've just felt like my build can't afford to put +2 cooldown on an attack just for a Poison effect.

4. One incentive to get players to pick status effect upgrades such as Ice, Electric or Poison could be to add support or synergies to make them stronger. Perhaps items that increase damage, potency or duration? If I could get an item that made Electric effects bounce farther so I could make a dedicated Electric build, that would be really cool I think. This is more a suggestion than feedback, though.

5. The First and Third boss are really easy to cheese with Smoke Bombs if they have low enough cooldown. I've repeatedly been able to create an infinite loop where they cannot attack me, but I can deal damage to them. If you want this in the game, I don't mind it, but I thought I should make you aware of it anyway

I hope this feedback is helpful, because I really like the game so far and I hope you continue to improve it even further :]

Thank you for the feedback! :D

Bug report: was trying to shuffle my attack tiles while transition from rewards screen to shopkeep was happening. One of the tiles that was mid-movement got frozen, and I effectively lost it.

Thanks for the bug report!

i like the game it's fun

Fun game! Yet we need more tips and explanations, I had to figure out how the upgrades work by myself, and even the "死" of the assassin (well, a projective which doubles the damage) ... the tutorial was great though, I would see it as a mistake.

Looks like lots don't know "freeplay" stands for, well, it means choosing the action won't waste a turn. And things like "electric" once confused me. We need more tips!

Ohhh thanks a lot that makes a lot of sense now!

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Noted. Thanks for the feedback!!

Pressing right click and left click at the same time while grabbing an attack crashes the game on Firefox

I'll look into it, thanks for reporting!

This was such a fun and unique game. I really like the turn based combat. Keep up the great work! 

Up to 18 damage in one turn, some builds are op lmao

Great game!

I have a question on what exactly "Unlocks Freeplay" does, and also there was a bug where an enemy with no health left was still standing on screen. It's the enemy on the left.

freeplay does what freeplay means you play it for free (enemies don't move when you place that weapon in or out of queue)

Omg thats so op. Thank you for telling me! I'll have to use it in my next run. Thank you so much!


Really solid game!!  A bit getting used to...

- Unsure what the "free play does"

- Should keep the hover tooltips even after you've collected the skill

- The smoke, bo, dash behind are all really useful to avoid dmg.

- Did figure out till after that combos reset the skills.

I think free play lets you put the card into the queue without taking a turn

Amazing game! Please continue development, I would literally pay for more content.

Thanks! Working hard on the next update! :D

my best time (normal)

Great time! :D


Love the game, had a great time with it, anything that gives you free turns are broken.


I love this game! This is hard mode:

The fire, with the poison upgrade and level 2 archer is busted!

I didn't realize how good the element upgrades are.


0 cool down free play 5 atk arrow op trust me

[insert picture of 0 cooldown free play 4 atk arrow here]

*puts in any one-turn/no turn ice weapon*

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this game is amazing! cant wait to see it grow! :)


Thank you! :D


damn I like this bro


Wow, this is good. The only thing that mildly annoys me sometimes is that I can’t skip the upgrade completely.


brilliant game, easy to pick up. it was a bit hard to remember the monster skill to plan ahead in their first/second encounters and the card info only shows during the selection phase but probably this would get changed in later versions. Looking forward to future updates


Awesome game but it would cool to have an endless mode where enemies spawn infinitely and the longer you go the harder the enemies. after a certain amounts of waves the player would get a upgrade/new item.


Thanks for the suggestion!


This game is amazing, you should note that the title screen reads “SHOGUN SHODOWN” instead of “SHOGUN SHOWDOWN”

Here’s my playthrough of it:


good vid

I can't believe I misspelled the name of the game in the title screen XD XD

Thanks for pointing that out! :D


This game is really fun, one thing I would want is an encyclopedia where we can view all the weapons and their effects, and the stats of the enemies and their attacks.


Thank you for the suggestion

Whoa, that was fun. Well thought, compact idea.

Thanks :)

What does the electricity effect do?

If it attacks, it will hit through enemies.

basically damages any adjacent enemies to the one attacked

Yeah, that's a better wording.

its best paired with groups of enemies when shadow dash is on it

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An 32Bit Version of the game would be nice if possible I can’t even play the web version


Very cool idea! 

Thank you :)

Hey! I tried your game for a video! Really enjoyed it, interesting mechanics. Looking forward to updates.

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Thank you, glad you liked the game! :D

(A pity you missed a part of the tutorial at the beginning, it would have made your first play-through a bit easier :))

And as you say in the video, a map would be nice (In progress...)

NICE! glad to see you're working on it. I'll definitely be following the progress.


I found a bug...... (But please don't change it!) It's about Kowa the Coward (I will only spoil it if someone replies to me) You can get infinite money&potions using it, but it needs a lot of luck, skill

lmao its a summoner so its easy to guess that the summoned enemies give the money & the potions


Amazing Game! 

But I do have one thing to say. Something nice would be a sort of level chart. To elaborate, I would like to see how much levels I have left until the boss. Also, this can be limited to how far you've personally gone in the game, as well as being a toggleable feature. Otherwise, you've made an amazing game that is puzzling yet fun.

Thanks for the feedback!


Love the game!


My god this game was amazing. I can't believe I haven't heard anyone talk about it. Really slick yet simplistic art-style. I was instantly hooked. But enough gushing about it, I'm also here to give some feedback. 

I'm sure this is already planned but I'll say it anyway. The runs are a bit too short. Just when I feel like I've gotten a great customized deck, the run has ended. But since this is just a very early version I'd say it's safe to assume that more content of that aspect is to come. 

I might also add since we're on the topic of length. These types of rougelikes usually heavily benefits from having some sort of endless mode. Basically just go as long as you can until you lose. Cause often with these games, winning can also come as a disappointment. Because it means that you won't be able to play with your build anymore. 

Some parts UI should be clearer. For instance, you should be able to get information regarding every move. The only thing you know is its damage. But you don't know what it does, how many tiles it covers and such. Like the Spear being 2 tiles forward and the sword slash being front and back. Or for instance when upgrades say things like "Add the poison effect". What does poison do? What does ice do? What does electricity do? It's just a lot of things that are unclear in the game. Sure you learn about them eventually by just playing and observing. But it'd be much better if you could just get this info right away. 

Speaking of UI. It would be great if you could order your deck. Since you always have to look at your randomly ordered deck whenever you want to make a move. If you could order it, either by sorting it (for instance by cost or cooldown) or if you could manually drag the moves in the order you want them. Just a way to make their order consistent.

As for relics. I may not have seen every relic in the game, so something similar might already exist. But it would be great to see relics that helps you with your combo. For instance increasing your max combo limit. Or maybe allowing you to insert the first (or second if it's an issue of balance) move without progressing a turn. 

This could also work as a move instead of a relic. For instance a low damage and/or high cooldown move that can be inserted into the combo without progressing a turn. It would be an interesting trade-off. And I think something like this is needed, because some enemies can spam ranged attacks quicker than you can even do something about it. 


Thank you for the amazing feedback. I pretty much agree with all your remarks.

Longer runs (and more variety across runs) is indeed something I'm planning to work on.

Some kind of endless mode might be a nice addition. For example: after successfully completing a 'regular run', you could store/save your build and use it in a separate 'endless mode'. In general, I think meta-progression is quite underdeveloped at the moment, and I'm experimenting with a few different ideas...

Regarding being able to get more information on tiles, effects, etc.: personally, I like it when games don't explain everything and let you figure out some of the mechanics by yourself. While I'm kinda under-explaining on purpose, I need to strike a better balance otherwise the game might feel needlessly confusing or obscure.  So, I totally get your point. Food for thoughts.

Next: deck sorting is now on my ToDo list ;)

Finally, I'm working on a new tile upgrade called 'quick play' which significantly increases cooldown but lets you add the tile to the attack queue without triggering a turn.

Thanks again! 


Looking forward to more characters and weapons! And hopefully after future updates, unlocked weapons will still be retained

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An amazing game, had a ton of fun with it. 

After messing around builds for hard mode for sometime, this is the most broken one yet . 

Looking forward to how the game turns out in the future!


Thank you!! That's a really OP build. I'd hate to be in the Shogun's shoes :D 

i can't see the difference between the back and front slash and the normal one besides from the attack

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! You mean these two attack tiles, right?

The one on the left hits in front of you, while the one on the right hits both in front and behind you. Or was is it something else that wasn't clear?

i messed something up and i thought the starting front and back attack was different than the one i got lol
sorry for the inconvenience

Zero inconvenience caused :D Thanks for trying out the game!


best game


nice game


simply AMAZING game, I even recommended it to a friend of mine who loved it too!

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked the game :D


I like the game and its setting. I made a video on it: 

Thanks! :D

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