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Hey Roboatino, I like your game idea, do you have plans to release this game on mobile platforms?


This game is fabulous. The characters are fun, the weapons are exquistely balanced. My win rate is like... 1/3, which feels challenging but not despirting. Also: Mobility is king. Mobility is always king.


oh my god this game is so much fun, i love it


Very fun!


loved this game!
eagerly waiting for the full release!


this game is so adicting🔊


true, i have been playing everyday for the past week lol.


Incredibly fun


What a cute art and smooth gameplay. Welp, I was never a lucky gambler so may I ask how to activate the cheat menu - u key doesn't seem to work.

Interesting, addictive game. Well designed mouse controls. I will be following the development :) I would love to play this on my phone. Any chance of a mobile version in the future?


Great Job!!!

nice game even its in alpha phase:)

i hope it has difficulty setting and custom map maker in the full version

i will wait for the full release

Man I searched best web games on google while at work the other day; I saw this up there so I thought I would give it a download. I'm glad I did, this thing def has charm and it feels exactly like something I will put hours into.

Keep this up I cant wait to see whats nex

Instant wishlist on my side! This also begs to be released on switch.

A few comments, hopefully useful notes:

1. The order of enemy turn is ambigious, would be great to include some indications of that, so you can plan your moves well (this is especially important since enemies can damage each other);

2. In the classic roque-like run (Hades, Slay the Spire, etc.) the most vital resource is health since it is rarely restored. This can impact the playstyle, like forcing players to be defensive. This could limit the viable strategies in game, and hurt replayability. The potions kinda aleviate the problem, but I got to dig deeper to see if that becomes a problem later in game.

3. Allow some potions to be used in between the fights?

4. Really easy to forget what some of the moves (player's or enemy's), would be nice to have some way to read about them and their special moves.

In any case, good luck, this is gold ^^

Thanks for the feedback! :)


I think its really fun but ronin is really under powered as it only has 5 hp and can push people which makes it harder to face the opponents that pull u in and attack u or sprint at you and atack u

tbh thats kinda why ronins probably my favourite, although maybe he should get a bit of a buff? like maybe buffed health or something could be fun

I like the game for its visual feedback and both simple and addicting gameplay.

I am looking forward seeing this title emerging into a large project with tons of unlockables and gameplay elements.

Good luck!

Very fun game, each of the characters is fun and unique. The turn ability is very useful and I'm happy that the bomb's slot got a better use. btw, do you know if mod creation would be possible?

Great game, man! 
Any chances for it coming to android?

Hello there! I was wondering: Is there any existing song tracks for this game? I love the music so much and I want to listen to the music, but I can't find it anywhere

Here it is :)

Sorry for the late reply! Just saw the notification- I found it somewhere else :3

Thank you though!!

This game is addicting! At first I thought it just looked interesting and then I went on to play for 2 more hours after making this video, definitly looking forward to the full release.

Beautiful game, good game feel and mechanics. It has potential to sells. :) I enjoyed

Great game- if this was on my phone I'd be addicted for a long time lol. Is there any effect from combos because I couldn't tell from regular gameplay

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Combos refresh  moves you use after the first in the order. So for example using swirl then shuriken to eliminate two enemies refreshes shuriken for immediate use again.


It's genuinely amazing how fresh this game feels after seeing so many rogue-like concepts run to death and it's utterly amazing how much depth there is in this game's unique mechanics. 


Thanks! :)


Perfect,and perfect

This is so addicting. I played this for over 4 hours yesterday. It's got a lot of potential, please let me know if you need feedback on any specific parts of the game!

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Really cool action roguelike, through. Does it take place in Japan or something? 

Yes it is I guess,“shogun”means  lord in Japanese。And there are many Japanese elements in this game too

And I like these:)

Oh, ok.  And what are "elements"?

Oh,sorry.I'm form China and I'm suck at English.I mean there are many things from japan in this game(I think “element”means somethings to from other things)

(1 edit)

I'm sorry to hear that.  I may not speak Mandarin Chinese, but thank you for telling me.

your English is good that's just on them for not knowing a VERY common word


Solid gameplay, look forward to seeing the finished game. Only criticism so far is that it doesn't feel very worthwhile playing the unlockable classes. A new movement ability and two weapons you can get from drafts doesn't feel like a good trade for halved health.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Thank you for teaching me how to battle, Sensei.

I hope to see you again in the product version.


Great game! One minor feature request: it would be nice to have descriptions of the items in the Armory (maybe as a tooltip) and in-game as well.

Fantastic game!

(2 edits) (+4)

Thank you for all the feedback and comments! I'm working hard on improving the game, and your support means a lot :D


this is a really good concept, and was executed amazingly. The strategy to fast paced gameplay is perfect. If you could add more content, like new worlds, this would be perfect.

(1 edit) (+4)

This is unironically one of the best roguelite concepts I've played so far. If you can figure out ways to add more variety later on, you've honestly got a hit on your hands. :3


It's really cool, all the mechanics and the pace are absolutly magnific.


Really cool, and with smart mechanics! great job guys :D


This is super fun! Keep up the good work!


Great rougelike. Cannot wait to see more of this game. Wishlisted.

Pretty game but hard to beat  though. Wish you could choose your cards instead of getting them randomized. (^.^)

That's what a rougelike is, randomized buffs.

Oh My! I didn't even know that, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun!


Really great. There’s nothing gameplay wise I would change, but for me at least, it’s pretty difficult to discern the green health bars from the red ones. Maybe either just have the lost health be removed, make the red darker, or add a color blind mode or something.


Absolutely incredible game!


This game is really fun and interesting. The combat is turn based but the pacing of it makes it feel real time. It requires some strategy on picking the best upgrade for the cards and which combination of cards should be used to defeat an enemy. I love how you can unlock new cards after dying while progressing through the game as it adds a lot of replayability. There are classes that can be unlocked that can change different gameplay styles too. I really like this game and hope development for this game goes well

How do I get the other classes? They never told me how to get them.

if i remember, in the run one of the ? spaces has the class. I might be wrong but you should try it

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