Shogun Showdown v0.1.2 (play in the browser)


I just uploaded a new version of Shogun Showdown: v0.1.2.

This is just a minor update, including:

  • WebGL build: now you can play directly in the browser
  • New mechanic: 'Upgrade slots'
  • New playable character: 'The Assassin'
  • New attack upgrade: 'Quick Play'
  • Some balancing tweaks
  • Some bug fixes

This new version is still an early alpha. I'm now busy implementing some new major mechanics in the game (more on that later), so I haven't been focusing too much on game content yet. That will come after the foundations are in place... Still a long way to go! 

So far I've been working on this project by myself (doing both coding and art), but in the future I might be looking for an artist to help me out with the game. If you are a pixel artist and you would like to collaborate, drop me a line at!


p.s. Shogun Showdown discord:

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May 06, 2022

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