Shogun Showdown Alpha v0.2: map, challenges and more. Wishlist on Steam!

Hi all!

A new Alpha version of Shogun Showdown (0.2.0) is out on itch with a bunch of new stuff:

  • A Map!
  • New upgrade locations: Blacksmith, Shrine and Sensei
  • The Hero Stamps: a set of challenges (unlocked after defeating the Shogun)
  • Character unlocks: you start as "The Wanderer" and will unlock new characters as you play
  • The Shadow: a new playable character with a unique move ability
  • Slightly longer runs and an extra environment
  • A new tile (which replaces the poorly balanced "bomb" tile)
  • Reward screen improvements: effects descriptions, 'skip reward' button, a new reward
  • Various balance tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements

I also finally have a Steam page for Shogun Showdown, so you can whishlist it if you so wish:

Still a long way to go, but I'm happy with the progress so far! Thank you all for playing the game!

p.s.: old save files from previous versions of the game (0.1.X) are not imported in version 0.2. While I recommend you playing the game from the beginning, I also added a little cheat code for unlocking all tiles and characters: in the title screen, hold the [21st letter in the English alphabet]-key for 3 seconds.

p.p.s: A shout-out to the amazing folks on the discord server:

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